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Various / Duo Trobairitz, Faye Newton, Hazel Brooks - The Language Of Love (CD, Album)

Various / Duo Trobairitz, Faye Newton, Hazel Brooks - The Language Of Love (CD, Album)

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Various / Duo Trobairitz, Faye Newton, Hazel Brooks - The Language Of Love (CD, Album)

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Media Condition:  Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Comments: Brand new and sealed

Genre: Classical
Style: Medieval

Track List:

1. Por Coi Me Bait Mes Maris, Monophonic Malmariée, Rayn.1564 2:23
2. Dansse Real I 3:05
3. Lo Rossinholet Salvatge, Monophonic Canso 9:50
4. La Tierche Estampie Real, For Consort 3:08
5. En Un Vergier Lez Une Fontenele, Chanson de Toile, Rayn.594 6:56
6. La Quarte Estampie Royal 2:50
7. En Ma Forest, Pastourelle 3:12
8. Can L'erba Fresch', Monophonic Canso 6:18
9. Volés Oïr Muse Muset, Trouvère Song 6:50
10. Bele Doette As Fenestres Se Siet, Chanson de Toile 9:04
11. La Prime Estampie Royal, Medieval Dance 3:40
12. Reis Glorios, Monphonic Alba 7:32

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