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Ariel Pink - Thrash And Burn (2xLP, Album, Cle)

Ariel Pink - Thrash And Burn (2xLP, Album, Cle)

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Ariel Pink - Thrash And Burn (2xLP, Album, Cle)

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Media Condition:  Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Comments: Brand New and sealed

Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: Lo-Fi, Pop Rock, Experimental

Track List:

A1. Shoes 4:01
A2. Foul Play 2:41
A3. Pleasure Spot 1 (Sweet Jane Rock N Roll) 1:54
A4. Innagecko 1:26
A5. I Disguise You 2:06
A6. Cemetary Suite 5:22
A7. Starry Eyes 2:10
A8. Those Were The Days (Now I'm 21) 3:15
B1. Disco Mia AKA Bust A Move 3:24
B2. Nothing At All / Different Names 3:10
B3. Memorial 1:15
B4. Brother Sister 1:24
B5. Funeral 1:04
B6. Leggos 1:37
B7. Double Jeopardy 1:37
B8. Red Vinyl 2:20
B9. Feel It With Your Landlord 1:37
B10. White Rain In The Windy Summer 2:44
C1. White Rain (Reprise) 1:57
C2. On The Beach 2:58
C3. The Andalusian 2:46
C4. Half Girls Half Boys 1:53
C5. Cry Yourself To Sleep (12 Minute Overture) 12:48
C6. Rita Mae Brown 2:03
C7. 50 Cents 1:27
D1. Cuz You're Dead (Lester Bangs) 2:23
D2. Dawn 3:03
D3. Pleasure Spot 3 - See You Are 1:58
D4. Rainy Den 8:42
D5. Red Room 2:06
D6. Pleasure Spot 2 - Lucinda Cunt 1:32
D7. Equus 1:40
D8. You Die Slowly And Then You Die 0:32
D9. Kamikaze 1:01
D10. I Won't See You Again 1:32
D11. Life Song 1:46

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