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Beethoven*, Konstantin Lifschitz - 32 Sonatas (10xCD + Box)

Beethoven*, Konstantin Lifschitz - 32 Sonatas (10xCD + Box)

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Beethoven*, Konstantin Lifschitz - 32 Sonatas (10xCD + Box)

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Media Condition:  Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)

Comments: Brand new and sealed, squished and creased in bottom right corner of box. Only noticeable from side and back, mint condition on front.

Genre: Classical
Style: Romantic, Classical

Track List:

. Sonata No.1 In F Minor, Op.2 No.1 (1795)
. Sonata No.2 In A Major, Op.2 No.2 (1795)
. Sonata No.3 In C Major, Op.2 No.3 (1795)
. Sonata No.5 In C Minor, Op.10 No.1 (1796/98)
. Sonata No.6 In F Major, Op.10 No.2 (1796/98)
. Sonata No.7 In D Major, Op.10 No.3 (1796/98)
. Grande Sonata No.4 In E Flat Major, Op.7 (UM 1796/97)
. Grande Sonata 'Pathétique' No.8 In C Minor, Op.13 (1798/99)
. Sonata No.9 In E Major, Op. 14 No.1 (UM 1798/99)
. Sonata No.10 In G Major, Op.14 No.2 (UM 1798/99)
. Grande Sonata No.11 In B Flat Major, Op.22 (1799/1800)
. Grande Sonata No.12 In A Flat Major, Op.26 (1800/01)
. Sonata No.15 In D Major, Op.28 (1801)
. Sonata No.16 In G Major, Op.31 No.1 (1801/02)
. Sonata No.17 In D Minor, Op.31 No.2 'Der Sturm' (1801/02)
. Sonata No.18 In E Flat Major, Op.31 No.3 (1801/02)
. Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia No. 13 In E Flat Major, Op.27 No.1 (1800/01)
. Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia No.14 In C Sharp Minor, Op.27 No.2 'Mondschein' (1801)
. Sonata Facile No.19 In G Minor, Op.49 No.1 (1795/96)
. Sonata Facile No.20 In G Major, Op.49 No.2 (1795/96)
. Grande Sonata No.21 In C Major, Op. 53 'Waldstein' (1803/04)
. Sonata No.22 In F Major, Op.54 (1804)
. Sonata No.23 In F Minor, Op.57 'Appassionata' (1804/05)
. Sonata No.24 In F Sharp Major, Op.78 'Für Therese' (1809)
. Sonatina No.25 In G Major, Op.79 (1809)
. Sonata No.26 In E Flat Major, Op. 81a 'Das Lebewohl' (1809/10)
. Sonata No.27 In E Minor, Op.90 (1814)
. Sonata No.28 In A Major, Op.101 (1816)
. Grande Sonata No.29 In B Flat Major, Op.106 'Hammerklavier' (1817/18)
. Sonata No.30 In E Major, Op.109 (1820)
. Sonata No.31 In A Flat Major, Op.110 (1821)
. Sonata No.32 In C Minor, Op.111 (1821/22)

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