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Edguy - Monuments (2xCD, Comp, M/Print + DVD-V, PAL + Dig)

Edguy - Monuments (2xCD, Comp, M/Print + DVD-V, PAL + Dig)

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Edguy - Monuments (2xCD, Comp, M/Print + DVD-V, PAL + Dig)

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Media Condition:  Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Comments: Brand new and sealed.

Genre: Rock
Style: Power Metal, Heavy Metal

Track List:

CD1-1. Ravenblack 5:09
CD1-2. Wrestle The Devil 4:00
CD1-3. Open Sesame 5:01
CD1-4. Landmarks 4:35
CD1-5. The Mountaineer 3:57
CD1-6. 9-2-9 3:48
CD1-7. Defenders Of The Crown 5:43
CD1-8. Save Me 3:46
CD1-9. The Piper Never Dies 10:09
CD1-10. Lavatory Love Machine 4:24
CD1-11. King Of Fools 4:20
CD1-12. Superheroes 3:20
CD1-13. Love Tyger 4:28
CD1-14. Ministry Of Saints 5:04
CD1-15. Tears Of A Mandrake 7:15
CD2-1. Mysteria 5:47
CD2-2. Vain Glory Opera 6:09
CD2-3. Rock Of Cashel 6:19
CD2-4. Judas At The Opera 7:20
CD2-5. Holy Waters 4:13
CD2-6. Spooks In The Attic 4:03
CD2-7. Babylon 6:13
CD2-8. The Eternal Wayfarer 8:50
CD2-9. Out Of Control 5:06
CD2-10. Land Of Miracle 6:33
CD2-11. Key To My Fate 4:34
CD2-12. Space Police 6:04
CD2-13. Reborn In The Waste 4:19
. Live In Brazil 2004
DVD-1. Mysteria
DVD-2. Under The Moon
DVD-3. Navigator
DVD-4. Wake Up The King
DVD-5. Land Of Miracle
DVD-6. Lavatory Love Machine
DVD-7. Vain Glory Opera
DVD-8. Fallen Angels
DVD-9. The Piper Never Dies
DVD-10. Babylon
DVD-11. King Of Fools
DVD-12. Chalice Of Agony
DVD-13. Tears Of A Mandrake
DVD-14. Out Of Control
. The Video Clips
DVD-15. Love Tyger
DVD-16. Robin Hood
DVD-17. Two Out Of Seven
DVD-18. Ministry Of Saints
DVD-19. Superheroes
DVD-20. Lavatory Love Machine
DVD-21. King Of Fools
DVD-22. All The Clowns

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